Sunday, November 6, 2016

Some Winnings For My Handiwork

 Recently I participated in our local A&P show and again after a couple of years entered some items in the Home Industries section.  This year I entered 9 items and got three 2nds, one 3rd and a 1st place.

I go these placings for a tomato relish, a baby feeder, and cleaned out the cross stitch section with some cross stitches I have done over the years and thought to show off.

The baby feeder was made out of a 2 1/2" charm pack and was sewn up pretty quickly, actually the day before I entered it.

I also entered a couple more things but didn't place in these such as this Disappearing 9-patch table runner

 A cushion which the judges liked and suggested calico instead of white next time

This gloved oven mitt 

and the three cross stitches I entered were these ones which you may have seen on my blog before.

A fun time and already planning for next years show.  I may even enter some baking next time.

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Friday, September 23, 2016

Kaiti Hill Challenge 2016

This year, after missing out last year due to the big move back to Gisborne when it was nearly finished, I am participating in the Kaiti Hill Challenge.  The end goal is to climb the hill 68 times which equates into climbing the height of Mt Everest.

As of yesterday I am  quarter of the way there with 17 climbs.  The challenge started last Monday and ends October 30th, so if I keep at it I will meet the challenge.

The best thing about it apart from getting fit, is the views and so many people are doing it from the very young to the elderly.

Then last Saturday hubby and I went for a quick drive up the coast to the historic Tolaga Bay wharf which is the longest wharf at 660 meters, in New Zealand.

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Friday, September 16, 2016


Yes, MIA I have been.  It has been so stressful doing my Master of Nursing and my nursing portfoilio, but things are finally coming along.  I have not done much sewing at all and have been in two biggish swaps which was the Xmas In July one held each year and am on leave from my block swaps and hexagon swaps currently.

However I have entered some items in out local A&P show home industries section next month so a stitching I will be soon.

I also plan on getting back into this blog too, but I also post on Instagram if you want to follow me there.  Just click HERE to follow.

Here is some pictures of what I have done in the last couple of months sewing wise and sent away for swaps

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Thursday, June 30, 2016

I Have been MIA

Wow I have not been on here in over two months.  It doesn't mean I haven't been busy.  I have been working full time in the last couple of months, but this fortnight I have selected not to pick up any extra shifts because tiredness is catching up on me.

So what have I been doing on my treasured days off?  Working on my Master of Nursing.  Currently I am finalizing questionnaires and submitting my proposal to my tertiary provider ethics committee in two weeks time.

What else have I been doing.  Stitching hexagon flowers together for my HexiMail4 swap on Facebook.  I have done over 100 and have just over 40 to go, so on the home stretch.  I have also been doing some secret swap stitching too.

Finally I have had a pestering cat hound me whenever I am home.  He has some renal problems and overweight, so is on a special diet and for some reason thinks I will continuously feed him.

Here he is trying to give me a sexy pose

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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Dixie Diary Blocks

Back in 2013 I started completing blocks for the Dixie Diary BOM over at Civil War Quilts blog.  I made four, then it became a UFO.  However last week I decided to finish these and now all I have left to do is add cornerstones and sashings.  Then only today I have realized one of the blocks has been pieced wrong, but an easy fix.

Looking forward to finishing this one. Now to find material to finish it.

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Friday, March 25, 2016

A Lovely Christmas Table Runner

While over in Tasmania, I was lucky enough to catch up with the lovely Relle who made me this Christmas table runner for a swap we were in last year.

Best of all it was made with my favorite material line by French General

I posted this picture back when she got hers when I sent it last year.  Notice we both have good taste in fabric

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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Some More of my Trip to Tasmania for LGS 2016

When over in Hobart for Lets Get Stitched we went on a bus trip on the Friday where we visited some lovely patchwork shops, but also stopped off for lunch at the Salmon Ponds.  It was a lovely setting on a beautiful day to have lunch.

While in Hobart we had Saturday to do what ever we wanted and yes we walked the streets and done some shopping, but we also had a look down at the wharf .  I love these boats, but alas get seasick so no ride in it.

Also Hobart has some amazing buildings and I love the architecture of them

Hubby and I are planning on going back as there is still so much to see in Tasmania, with Port Arthur being a place we still have to see, but didn't as time ran out.
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